I designed this HUD for my personal use,having in mind to be able to play a large number of tables,to have all the information I need on hud,in the same time to be compact and relevant,with minimal need to open Pop-Ups.

This is a positional and stack depending HUD.The HUD displays only the relevant statistics depending on:

  •  number of hands (different HUDs depending of the number of hands.),
  • the player position and in relation to your position at the table(positional and position versus position statistics),
  • to stacksizes and relative stacksizes(effective stacksizes and even versus stacksizes).


  • I will continually try to improve this HUD and you will benefit for the updates free of charge.You can even come with suggestions on how I can improve the HUD and, if I think your ideas are useful,  I will implement them as soon as possible.
  • I will offer free suport and even make small customization for you for free within the limit of time available
  • 14 days money back guarantee.All subscription plans are fully refundable,no question asked.


  • Filter/stats -3914 
  • Expression stats -520

Detailed manual: https://bkuhud.com/manual/


Vebsite: https://bkuhud.com/

Mail: bkuhud@gmail.com

Skype: bku mtt-sng hud