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When I transitioned to Hand 2 Note I bought a hud. After using it for some time I realissed that it isn’t what I need and it is far away from what Hand 2 Note can do.I searched for another one to buy,but I didn’t find one to satisfy my needs,so I decided to create my own.

I designed this hud having in mind to be able to play a large number of tables,to have all the information I need on hud,in the same time to be compact and relevant,with minimal need to open Pop-Ups.I open Pop-Ups rarely,only on non-standard and complex situations.

Key features:

*** Display of statistics in the HUD according to:

number of hands (different HUDs depending of the number of hands.),

the positions and in relation to your position at the table,

to stack sizes and relative stack sizes(effective stack sizes and even versus stack sizes,there are statistics like 3bet,for example, that is very different if the player 3bet from a large stack vs a short stack or from a short stack vs a large stack).

    I divided the statistics  trying to maintain a perfect balance between sample size and how detailed the information is.That’s why for a very small sample of hands the HUD display only the overall stats and they are not divided on to stack sizes,and as the sample of hands increases the stack sizes are divided in more depth and we have positional stats, position vs position stats and even versus stack size statistics.See more on the manual.

***Statistics are divided in several levels of stack sizes according to sample size(number of hands we have on each opponent).Additionally some statistics are displayed in effective stack sizes and even versus stack sizes.

Ex1: we have 25BB and face an open raise first in from an opponent with 100BB .

I’m interested to see his RFI from his stack(44+BB)and I’m not interested to see his Fold versus 3bet from 44+BB but I want to see his Fold vesrsus 3bet in effective stack 19-27BB .

Ex2:same situation but we have 16BB.

Here I’m not even interested to see how much he fold versus 3bet in effective stack of 14-19BB but I want to see his fold versus 3bet versus 14-19BB stack ,because is a very different situation if he opens from small stack and faces a 3bet or he opens from a large stack and faces a 3bet from a short stack.

I remember a situation when I wanted to make a 3bet bluff but I saw on the HUD that I bought Fold vs 3bet 20% from 20 situations and, of course, I gave up on thought and folded.After the hand I analyzed more the statistic and I saw that 16 from 20 hands were situations that he opened from a large stack and faced 3bets All In from short stacks(4 to 14BB max if I remember correctly,of course he didn’t folded) and the other 4 situations folded every time.That’s why I think it’s very important to have statistics not only overall,not even in stack sizes but also in effective stack sizes and even versus stack sizes,depending on the situation.

***Statistics are differentiated in All In and Not All In,very important especially in short stack situations.

***I conditioned the statistics in such a way that if a player commits a large portion of his stack in a pot to be considered All in.

For example,if

player A open 2 BB from a 50 BB stack,

player B 3bets to 14 BB from a 18 BB stack,

player A went All In,

player B call:

-I considered that player B 3bet All In and included this hand in 3bet All In statistic,

while the 3bet Not All In and Fold vs 4bet remain unaffected.

-For player A I included this hand in Fold vs 3bet All In statistic,

while the Fold vs 3bet Not All In and 4bet remain unaffected.

There are also players that always leave one BB behind when they decide to go all in and mess up All In and Not All In statistics.

***Cold Call OVERALL does not include Big Blind.

***Limp + Limp With Previous Limper OVERALL does not include Small Blind.

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