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Why you should choose the BKU MTT-SNG HUD for Hand2Note? 

  • Since te PokerStars policy update this HUD doesn’t work anymore on PokerStars, but I created a version of this HUD that uses hotkeys at no extra cost. Basically it’s the same HUD and it’s incredibly easy to use, just contact me on skype and I will explain in a few minutes how this version for PS works.
  • I created this HUD for my personal use after having some experiences with other HUDs.
  • It is compact and easy to use,but in the same time it is very complex.We have positional and even position versus position statistics,we have statistics for specific and relative stack sizes,even versus stack sizes and we have all that directly on the table,on the HUD, so you need to open any Pop-Ups only for nonstandard situations.
  • I will continually try to improve this HUD and you will benefit for the updates free of charge.You can even come with suggestions on how I can improve the HUD and, if I think your ideas are useful,  I will implement them as soon as possible.
  • I will offer free suport and even make small customization for you for free within the limit of time available
  • 14 days money back guarantee.All subscription plans are fully refundable,no question asked, or ask me for a free trial.

  BKU MTT-SNG HUD is one of the best huds if not the best ,last year I wasn’t studying a lot , got back my motivation again with this HUD, can study my game in a very deep detail, any stack size, any position, and can study my opponents to in a very easy and understandable way. recommend it for sure

          11.05.2019                                                                 Sergi Rexarch

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